Electing Brian Flowers to Congress from Mississippi’s Second District will strengthen the power of the Congressmen already in Washington who oppose the illegal immigrant invasion.  Going back to 2019, in a mere three-month period, 357,031 illegals crossed the Mexican border into the States.  It is no exaggeration to say that over a six or seven-month period, even during Donald Trump’s administration, the number of illegals entering the country was roughly equal to the size of the entire Second District of Mississippi. During President Trump’s administration, an average of 3,000 illegals crossed daily.  Under Biden, about 18,000 are crossing each day.

Obviously the Deep State and their Socialist-Communist allies in and out of the Democratic Party intend to overwhelm America with hordes of illegals in the same way Rome was overwhelmed centuries ago.  To say that American culture cannot survive such an onslaught is an understatement.  To say that you and your family might not survive such an onslaught is not an unreasonable assumption either, especially since the hordes are largely allied to the Biden regime– the epitome of the Deep State-Communist Axis.

Among the many threats the illegals present, is the fact that many carry contagious diseases such as tuberculosis, AIDS, chicken pox, mumps and more.  And then there are the perverts, rapists, murderers, and garden variety thugs, as if we didn’t have enough disgusting degenerates in America already!  In many cities in or near the Second District, there are areas where law enforcement dare not enter.  The immigrant invasion is sure to make matters worse, sooner or later, and since the flow is unlikely to stop unless people such as Brian Flowers are elected to Congress, the inner cities won’t be able to hold all those Biden-allied criminals.  Will they come to your middle-class neighborhood?  Will they swarm your gated community?  Will they cruise your country road looking for targets of opportunity?  You can bet they will!  Yes, your guns might stop a few if you’re home when they show up, but how many?  And in the aftermath, what will the Deep State-Socialist-Communist judicial system do to you?

There is only one hope (other than repentance, prayer, and joining real patriot organizations) and that is to support Brian Flowers, not Biden-allied Bennie Thompson, for Congress in the Second District.  Visit www.FlowersForCongress.com.  Get involved, shop the patriot store, and donate to the campaign.  With nothing to lose, and everything to gain, let’s make a change in Mississippi’s Second District.