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Dr. Witcher’s PLATFORM is shaped by his core values and Christian upbringing. His parents are faith filled, Bible believing Christians and his life is lived around the Church. He believes in ministry and missions and serves on the board of Salt and Light Honduras, and travels to Honduras for medical missions each year. He serves as deacon at First Baptist Church of Fannin.

PRO FAMILY: As a husband, father, and grandfather, Dr. John Witcher is committed to protecting families and their rights. He believes in creating a wholesome and safe learning environment where both children and families can thrive. Ensuring safety is a top priority for Dr. Witcher, including providing a safe workplace for teachers.

PRO BUSINESS: Dr. John Witcher, being a small business owner himself, understands the crucial role played by small businesses in driving the economy. He believes that Mississippi must reduce bureaucratic obstacles, attract industries, and facilitate a smooth pathway for new developments in order to thrive.

PRO JUSTICE: Dr. John Witcher is firm on his stance on crime and believes that it’s crucial to restore respect for law enforcement. He intends to implement programs that promote the same. However, for businesses to flourish and communities to prosper, safety is a fundamental need. Dr. Witcher believes that rehabilitation in prisons plays a crucial role in reducing recidivism rates.

PRO FREEDOM: In these uncertain times, Mississippi needs a “Freedom Defender” – a courageous leader who will always make the right decision for the people of Mississippi. The pandemic caused businesses to shut down, schools and churches to close, and placed undue pressure on all residents. Physicians and healthcare workers were threatened, silenced, and even terminated for speaking out against medical tyranny and mandatory medical interventions. Dr. John Witcher believes that this should never have happened and will ensure that they never occur under his leadership.

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