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Welcome to the media page for Dr. Witcher, where you can find a collection of news stories and videos featuring the doctor himself. Here you will have access to insightful interviews, informative clips, and inspiring speeches from Dr. Witcher as he discusses his platform, shares his vision for Mississippi, and talks about the issues that matter most to him. Keep up with the latest news and developments in the campaign by checking back regularly for new additions to our media page.

Col. Burton's Endorsement

Retired Marine Col. Timothy “Ghannon” Burton endorses Brian.  Watch and learn why.

Make District Two Great Again

Brian talks about the unique opportunity the States and people have to revitalize District 2.

Time for Change

District 2 can’t afford incompetent representation from self-interested career politicians.

Don't miss the opportunity to bring positive change to Mississippi.

Get Involved!

Join us and get involved, for a better Mississippi!