Brian Flowers promises to work with other champions of Liberty (freedom linked to Judeo-Christian principles) in Congress and throughout America to eradicate Tyranny and make America great again.

When legislation is presented to him, Brian will first of all check it for consistency with the letter and spirit of the U.S. Constitution and work to delete or at least reduce the evil effect of parts that are not constitutional.  (Sometimes, of course, the entire piece of legislation will be unconstitutional and fit for nothing but the trash can.)  Next, Brian will examine its merits and tendency to promote Liberty.  Stupid legislation and that which promotes tyranny will be trashed, meaning that Brian will work to defeat it.

Share the articles on this website through e-mail and social media, donate time and money, shop the patriot store.  With nothing to lose, and everything to gain, let’s make a change.  Vote Brian Flowers for Congress in Mississippi’s Second District.