Brian Flowers is concerned about economic stability for lots of reasons.  For one, like you, he burns gasoline almost every day, so he wants it to be affordable.  He wants the oil companies to make a profit, too, which leads to good wages for oil industry workers, but he doesn’t want to pay more than a reasonable price.  The inflation-producing and typically un-constitutional programs of the federal government are pushing gas prices up, and they will continue to increase until inflation is stopped and economic stability is achieved.  Patriotic congressmen are working to halt inflation.  Brian Flowers will join forces with them in Congress.

There are other things that the federal government can do to cut energy costs, such as eliminating onerous regulations and blocking production and distribution, none of which is constitutional.

Don’t be fooled by propaganda from Democrats and lukewarm Republicans.  They say that they have your best interests at heart, but the proof is in the pudding.  Those people are making your life more difficult with every passing day!  They are the people represented by the little gas pump stickers that read, “I did that!” with their fingers pointing to the high price per gallon.  Don’t be fooled any longer.  Send Liberty-loving patriots such as Brian Flowers to Congress.

With nothing to lose, and everything to gain, let’s make a change in the Second District.  Share the articles on this website through e-mail and social media, donate time and money, shop the patriot store.  Send Flowers to Congress–Brian Flowers, that is.