The first article in this series, “Green Politics is Red Politics”, established that environmental activists have flocked to the Democratic Party.

The average green activist sees humanity as a problem. The human population on Earth is heading towards 8 billion people, and environmentalists see this as a disaster. In their eyes, there is nothing worse than the birth of a baby. To these radicals, a baby means the creation of a new consumer and polluter. That’s why the Left switched from abortion being “safe, legal and rare” to “abortion on demand without apology”. That is also why the baby formula shortage is not viewed as an emergency by Democratic Party operatives.

The Left has embraced a culture of death, and a vision of Earth without homo sapiens. Hard to believe? Organizations such as the Voluntary Human Extinction movement ( and the Church of Euthanasia ( are at the cutting edge of this regressive mindset. Socialism and environmental politics are tightly integrated. Countries like China have approximately four times as many people in a land mass roughly the same size as these United States. A dense population is difficult to control, so the Left wages a two-front war on humanity: 1) reduce the population; 2) control the population through Socialism and Communism.

These facts lead us to the War on Energy. If the plan is to reduce the human population and diminish the quality of life for those who remain, then abundant energy is hardly needed. Greens know that renewable energy sources such as solar and wind cannot power bourgeoning and flourishing human societies. The success of our species is not their concern. They insist that fossil fuels must be kept in the ground, otherwise the carbon released will be ruinous to our planet. However, they reject clean and efficient sources of energy production, such as nuclear fission reactor technology.

Electric vehicles are promoted as a replacement for fossil fuel. However, EVs are limited by the current state of battery technology. The lithium-ion batteries that power these cars are volatile and prone to defects. Each vehicle must have hundreds of individual cells, and if one fails (which is common), the driver could be stranded, because a faulty lithium-ion battery is a fire hazard, and if even one goes bad, the car’s computer disables the powertrain to prevent a potential catastrophe.

Renewable energy sources cannot be relied upon to heat our homes in the winter. Electricity would have to be stored in batteries, and when used for heating, the efficiency rate ranges between 30 and 60 percent. Fossil fuels are far superior for heating applications.

Not all members of the Democratic Party endorse the most extreme parts of the green agenda, but they all endorse enough of it to be a threat to your future and mine. That is why it is so crucial to elect Constitutionalists like Brian Flowers to Congress in Mississippi’s Second District. Not only does Brian have extensive experience in the energy sector, but he understands that energy is key to powering our society and preserving a free and independent America – one not reliant on other countries for energy. With nothing to lose, and everything to gain, let’s make a change in the Second District. Share posts from the website, donate, and shop the patriot store.  Send Flowers to Congress—Brian Flowers that is.