Race-based nationalism or supremacy should always be condemned, in any form they take. We do not choose our genetics, race, skin color or gender at birth or at any other point in our lives. They are immutable characteristics that cannot be changed. Every little life is innocent at birth, every young child teeming with idealism and wonder. One component of building a better world and living up to our potential as Americans has been embracing our differences while treating each member of the human family as not only unique, but equal.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

These words belong to the Declaration of Independence. Since the birth of our federated Republic, people have strived to live up to this ideal.

The Democratic Party has a history of, and continues to use, race to separate people. This comes from their Marxist roots. Karl Marx, the chief brainchild behind communism, divides people into classes. However, modern Marxists have realized that Marx’s original tactics no longer work, especially in developed countries such as America. In our country, both the lower classes and the upper class share in the freedom and key prosperity of first-world life. Unable to engage in class warfare and mobilize a worker’s movement, Marxists moved on to such evil tactics as teaching Critical Race Theory, or CRT. CRT is the idea that a person’s worth is defined by their race, gender, and romantic preferences. It goes against many of the principles that America stands for.

Democrats claim to support equality and human rights, but in pursuing CRT and race-based politics, they continue to deny such rights with the aim of accruing political power, wealth, and influence. Their districts and constituents languish and suffer while they chase petty, selfish interests.

Bennie Thompson, the incumbent in the race for Mississippi’s Second Congressional District and Chairman of the January 6th Committee (prosecuting some of those who protested the 2020 federal election fraud), once supported a secessionist group called the Republic of New Afrika. Like white nationalists, these race-based secessionists believe in separating from the United States and creating a new nation where one race is superior to all others. This is and has always been wrong.

Secessionist groups like the Republic of New Afrika build militias and train to wage war against these United States. They often have radical Marxist and fascist views. Note that the term “fascism” is often misused by the media and Democrats – it actually means government control of industry, the same economic plan as Marxism/Socialism. These radical viewpoints deny the opportunities of economic prosperity and equal treatment that are guaranteed in a democratic, constitutional republic such as these United States.

Radicals like Bennie Thompson have no place in our United States House of Representatives. We need representatives who fight for all their constituents and truly wish to see every individual live up to the promise and potential that this land affords us.

Brian Flowers, candidate for Congress in Mississippi’s Second District, knows that each human life is a gift from God, and every one of God’s gifts has the right and deserves the opportunity to flourish in this great land of Liberty. Brian will promote Liberty, not tyranny as the representative of the Second District. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, let’s make a change in Mississippi’s Second District. Share the posts on this website with your friends, donate time and money, and shop at  our patriot store.

Send Flowers to Congress—Brian Flowers, that is.