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Dr. John Witcher is Running for Governor of Mississippi to Put Mississippians First!

Welcome to the official website of Dr. John Witcher, a candidate running for Governor of Mississippi.

With deep roots in Mississippi, Dr. Witcher has dedicated his life to improving the lives of others. He is a dedicated family physician, former electrical engineer, and small business owner.

As Governor, he’ll prioritize the rights of all Mississippians!


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Join Dr. John Witcher’s campaign for Governor of Mississippi and help create a brighter future for all Mississippians. Your support will make a difference in building a more prosperous and thriving state for generations to come.


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Election Day Is AUGUST 8!

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Business Growth

One key factor in promoting business growth and development is insuring safety of our citizens. Supporting law enforcement and developing programs to reestablish respect for careers in law enforcement is vital to growing our state’s small business and industry.

Mississippi Education

Dr. Witcher is also a devoted father and grandfather. Providing the best learning environment and protecting our teachers and children is essential. Though it would be challenging, promoting education freedom and options that put control in the hands of the parents is in the best interest of children and our future. Dr. Witcher says, “When you give parents a choice, you give kids a chance.”

From Engineer to Doctor

Dr. Witcher launched his career as an electrical engineer, managing multi-million dollar projects, but decided to go back to school to become a doctor. He graduated medical school in 1995. He has worked as a family physician and ER doctor in underserved areas including the Choctaw Health Center, Philadelphia, Union, Carthage, Meridian, Magee, Collinsville, Waynesboro, Biloxi, Woolmarket, Gulfport, Long Beach, Tylertown, Monticello, Hazelhurst, Sebastopol, Ridgeland, Yazoo City, Kosciusko, Starkville, Tupelo and Flowood for the past 25 years.

Local Business Advocate

Dr. Witcher is a business owner and believer in business and wants to create an environment attractive to small business and industry alike. The way the pandemic was managed destroyed many small churches and businesses – not what we need in Mississippi.

Patient Rights First

As the Governor, he will work to protect patients and push back on federal mandates. Patient Bill of Rights, informed consent and free speech are fundamental rights for all Mississippians. He will work to restore the sacred doctor/patient relationship, and remove the federal government from the bedside.

Faith Drives Dr. Witcher

Dr. Witcher’s core values are shaped by his Christian upbringing. His parents are faith filled, Bible believing Christians and his life is lived around the Church. He believes in ministry and missions and serves on the board of Salt and Light Honduras, and travels to Honduras for medical missions each year. He serves as deacon at First Baptist Church of Fannin.

Don’t miss the opportunity to bring positive change to Mississippi.

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