Secure Borders

I will work to stop the immigrant invasion, as required by the Constitution, and which is necessary to maintain our civilization.

The oath that all Congressmen take to support and defend the U.S. Constitution requires the oath-taker to protect these United States and their citizens from invasion.  Considering the nature and magnitude of the immigrant invasion and the treasonous assistance given to the invaders by federal officials and others, it’s obvious that there are many more oath-breakers than oath-keepers in Washington, and that includes Bennie Thompson.  As a Congressman, Brian Flowers will work with the growing remnant of patriots in Washington and throughout America to stop the invasion and the treason in a Constitutional manner.  The future of America, your own personal future and that of your posterity depends on repelling the invasion and removing the traitors from their positions of power in public and private life.

Brian Flowers for Congress

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Safe from the Immigrant Invasion?

Safe from the Immigrant Invasion?

Electing Brian Flowers to Congress from Mississippi's Second District will strengthen the power of the Congressmen already in Washington who...

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