Oath of Office

I will defend the letter and spirit of the U.S. Constitution, so freedom and morality can increase.

My election to Congress will add to the number and strength of the growing group of Patriotic Congressmen that understand the meaning, purpose, and Liberty-producing power of the U.S. Constitution. With all proposed legislation, I will work to delete the un-Constitutional provisions or at least diminish their evil effects as much as possible. Year by year, with God’s help and the help of the other Patriots in Congress and throughout America, I will work to bring our republic back to true Constitutional government and the Liberty (freedom linked to Judeo-Christian principles) it bestows on every citizen and the blessings it conveys to the whole world.

Brian Flowers for Congress

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Real Promises

Real Promises

Brian Flowers takes his oath of office very seriously.  In Deuteronomy 23:21, God is very specific about swearing oaths: "When thou shalt vow...

Contract with Liberty

Promise List

Everybody has a wish list of things they want, but...

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