Energy and Infrastructure

I will work to create energy independence and find Constitutional ways to develop infrastructure, which benefits everyone.

Energy independence and reasonably priced energy is a requirement for freedom, prosperity, and happiness.  Even when energy producers can overcome federally imposed roadblocks to production, the cost is increased and passed on to the final users– you and me.  Some users have the financial resources to shoulder the high cost of federal tyranny imposed on energy producers, but for the lower middle class and the poor, the costs are especially grievous and even life-threatening.  Democrats, Socialists, and Communists claim compassion toward the poor, but their actions almost always put the lie to their rhetoric.  Such is the case with their actions that stifle energy production.

No one denies that infrastructure is important to our modern civilization, but “infrastructure development,” as most people think of it, is not within the jurisdiction of the federal government except (maybe) in federal territory laying outside State borders. By and large, infrastructure development is a State, local matter, and private matter– this is plainly evident to anyone who reading the U.S. Constitution and thinking in an unbiased manner.  For those who need additional proof, there is plenty to be found, starting with the Federalist Papers.  This website offers an abundance of evidence as well.  Check it out.

Congress must remove roadblocks to energy independence and reasonably priced energy.  Likewise, Congress must find a way to get out of the infrastructure development business and turn it over to the States, local government, and private concerns as the Constitution requires.

Brian Flowers for Congress

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