Election Integrity

I will work to restore honest elections and eliminate fraud, which all free people deserve.

Who opposes truth?  Liars.  Who opposes law enforcement?  Criminals.  Who opposes honest elections?  Tyrants.

Even if you think the 2020 federal election was handled honestly, what harm could be done by ensuring that only genuine citizens vote once as their conscience dictates or not at all.  Does anyone have the God-given right to vote for another person?  Of course not, because that amounts to two votes cast by the same person.  There is no way to justify fraud– period– but liars, criminals, and tyrants need no justification for anything except their own personal ambitions.  They care nothing about Election Integrity, but you and I do.

Voting is a matter within the jurisdiction of the several States, but Congress has the Constitutional power to investigate foreign entities that pose a threat to the several States either subversively or militarily.  The people of the States must work to ensure that their election processes are honest.  The States, Congress, and the President must work to ensure that foreign entities and subversives are not undermining those same processes.

Brian Flowers for Congress

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