Educational Progress

I will move control of education to the State and local level, where excellence can be achieved.

My election to Congress will strengthen the effort to eliminate Marxist influences that have been using the federal government (and State government, too) for decades to achieve total control over education and your children.  Most people now clearly see the tragic results.  I have studied the situation for many years.  In a nutshell, a major part of the solution to the problems in education is to follow the U.S. Constitution, which is a road map, not a road block, to achieving greatness in education– the kind of greatness that God and good people can embrace.  By following the Constitution, we can gradually eliminate federal control of education, which also entails paying for it at the State and local level.  We cannot take federal money for our schools and at the same time expect the feds to allow local people to be in control, which is where we need to be.  When education is locally controlled and supported, Marxist and other groups with evil or just plain stupid ideas will have to sell their programs to you and your friends.  That’s where they will meet they lose and our children win.

Brian Flowers for Congress

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Ratings Tell Half the Story

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