Economic Stability

I will work to stop inflation and create a stable economy, so hard-working people can prosper.

My election to Congress will protect and potentially expand the buying power of your wages and savings.  Inflation makes the cost of goods and services rise, forcing you to cut back, work longer hours, or both.  Inflation is created when the federal government expands the supply of dollars in circulation, which it has been doing for decades and more than ever in the last few years.  The greatest cause of inflation is the enormous cost of un-Constitutional federal programs.  As Patriotic Congressmen, with the support of the American people, gradually return the federal government to its true constitutional limits, inflation will diminish, the buying power of your dollars will be protected, and the economy will stabilize.  Coupled with other constitutional acts that will expand American industry and foster competition, the buying power of your dollars could actually increase!

Brian Flowers for Congress

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High Gas Prices

High Gas Prices

Brian Flowers is concerned about economic stability for lots of reasons.  For one, like you, he burns gasoline almost every day, so he wants...

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