Stop Bennie Thompson and the Democrats on the January 6th Committee from prosecuting innocent American citizens. Wyoming took care of his partner in crime, Liz Cheney, during the primary elections. Now it’s up Mississippi’s second Congressional district (MS-D2) to get Bennie Thompson out of our House and off that committee. Please forward this page to as many people as you like, and share on social media. Thanks so much for your support.

January 6, 2021 represents different things to different people. The Democratic Party insists on calling what happened that day an “insurrection,” despite evidence to the contrary. The formerly mainstream media dutifully amplifies that point of view, ignoring why so many were in Washington, DC in the first place: to protest election fraud.

Despite what the formerly mainstream media continues to report, there is a growing abundance of evidence indicating that several types of fraud (i.e. cheating) occurred during the November 2020  Presidential Election.

Finally, there are those who say that the presence and actions of ANTIFA, the FBI, and others among crowd that day point to a plan to pin charges of criminal trespassing or even violence on avowed conservatives.

No matter your opinion of January 6, we should all be able to agree that elections must be transparent if the losing side is going to trust and abide by the results.

A website called has done an outstanding job of compiling reports and resources related to election and voter fraud in multiple states. Give it a click to learn more.